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AV Therapy Aids

A/V Therapy Aids


Dr. Horton has produced DVDs and audio CDs that can help you to be your best self. A brief description of each is shown below.

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Portable Psychologist cover YOUR PORTABLE PSYCHOLOGIST

is a package containing all of the DVDs and Audio CDs shown below PLUS a bonus DVD "Why You Need Whole Food Supplements."

Comes in a multi-case. The seven-disc set is specially priced at $84.50.



is a therapeutic supplement designed to help you relax, rejuvenate, and stabilize yourself in times of crisis. The DVD video is guided by Dr. Horton and will become a valuable tool you can quickly use anytime. Approximately 15 minutes. DVD -- $ 14.95

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Each of the following videos is approximately 30 minutes long and features nature scenes, ambient nature sounds, soothing music, and an hypnotic induction with a particular theme. The video contains the hypnotic induction by Dr. Horton, plus nature scenes, ambient nature sounds, and soothing music.

Each video in this series is $19.95

Reducing stress graphic

REDUCING STRESS IN A HECTIC WORLD - An hypnotic induction which contains a variety of spring wildflowers and soothing music. Dr. Horton helps you to lower your stress level and brings you back to a refreshed functional level. Approximately 30 minutes.

DVD -- $19.95

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Take Charge graphic

TAKE CHARGE OF PHYSICAL AND MENTAL PAIN - Moving clouds take you gently into your imagination, just like when you spent lazy summer afternoons watching them as a child. Dr. Horton provides the hypnotic induction which encourages your body and mind to recognize and strengthen their natural ability to heal. Approximately 30 minutes.

DVD -- $19.95

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Stop Worrying graphic

STOP THE WORRYING - This DVD features breathtaking water scenes starting with rushing water, moving to a gentle waterfall, and finally to a warm, sparkling brook. Dr. Horton creates powerful imagery to assist you in relaxing in today's hectic world. Approximately 30 minutes.

DVD -- $19.95

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Audio CDs in this series feature an approximately 30-minute hypnotic induction highlighting a specific topic.

Each CD is $9.95.

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INCREASE SELF-CONFIDENCE AND SUCCESS - If you are weary of everyday anxiety, depression, worry, and fear, you will benefit from this CD. Dr. Horton's compelling suggestions help you to amplify your strengths, letting go of negative emotions which keep you from realizing your best self. This CD will help you face each day with confidence.

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PREPARING FOR SURGERY-Surgery is a stress inducing process. However, you can help yourself to get through the process in a healthful way, enhancing your healing process, and returning to your every day life as quickly as possible. This hypnotic induction will help you think about your surgery in ways that will help you feel in control and will help your body to accept the surgery, bringing you to recovery as quickly as possible.

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If you are planning to see Dr. Horton, please select DOWNLOAD INTAKE FORMS to see and print the intake forms. If for any reason, you do not wish to or choose not to download these forms, please call so that you can make arrangements to pick them up prior to your first visit.

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